Burning Mountain

Zeit / Datum

Start: 20.06.2019 13:00
Ende: 23.06.2019 17:00



Burning Mountain
Join a 4 day magical festival expierience in the heart of the swiss alps!

A unique location  Above 1450m over the sea level, the Burning Mountain takes place in the middle of one of the highest inhabited valleys of Europe: the Engadine! Come and enjoy the campsite next to the beautifull River INN and relax in one of the most amazing spots along the PsyTrance circuit.

Fascinating fire & art  Flamethrowers, dozens of performance artists, fire installations, a huge central fire, some say we're pyromaniacs.  Maybe they are right. We just love to make the mountain burn!  

The best Dj's  Burning Mountain has undoubtedly one of the most amazing line ups presenting year after year some of the finest Progressive Psytrance from all over the world. Our amazing lightshow and decorations gives you fully immersive experience off the experience off the beaten track!

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